CrossWord Christian Church

CrossWord Christian Church is a non-denominational church based in Moreno Valley, CA. With the motto “remember the Cross…focus on the Word” I was tasked with bringing the logo from super traditional to modern while retaining the same message of Christ-like living and love.

I chose blue and grey as the color palette because both colors are calming but approachable; just like CrossWord. A very important aspect was the website; arguably my largest, most detailed build yet.

This project required a wide variety of skills, including SEO, Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools, HTML5, CSS, PHP, WordPress CMS management, Photoshop, Illustrator, Printing, and so much more. It was a blessing to be able to assist CrossWord in furthering their reach so more could be done for the local community while representing Christ.

Want to see more? Please reach out.

Skills: Search Engine Optimization, Wordpress Web Design, Graphic Design, Advertising (Billboards, flyers, t-shirt graphics, etc.), HTML5, CSS, PHP, Photoshop, Illustrator

Client: CrossWord Christian Church