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COVID-19 has caused many businesses, including my own, to pivot unexpectedly. One of them is my long-standing client, CrossWord Christian Church in Moreno Valley, CA. When the governor of California shut down operations statewide, faith institutions were affected which caused many to pivot immediately to fully online. I was asked to create an online experience that would be immersive, interactive, …

Book Loving Black Girl

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Book Loving Black Girl is a blog site by, well, a book-loving Black girl! The purpose of her site is to recommend book reads to fellow Black women, while also earning affiliate income from Amazon for doing so. With this site, the client opted for a cost-effective version in which I utilized a theme and then customized it to her …

Voix Noire

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What can I say about this project!!! I had such a great time collaborating with Creighton Leigh on this broad scale project. Creighton is a sex educator who has a strong passion for Black women, children and femme persons. She has been using her platform to advocate for the community through reparations in which non-Black persons send financial assistance that …

PowR Meals

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PowR Meals is a healthy food delivery service servicing the Inland Empire in Southern California. I happen to know the owners personally so when I learned they were in the market for a new website, I offered to get them up and running! Their previous site was built on Joomla. While Joomla is a respected CMS, I explained the benefits …

Wingz of Hope

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Wingz of Hope is a blogging site that provides encouragement to the modern day Christian woman. I worked on the website for this project – WordPress, of course. The theme is a traditional blog format, with CozyCal added as well as a MailChimp newsletter list.  


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Family and Community Empowerment is a non-profit organization with the mission to strengthen communities through the empowerment of families. For this project, I was tasked with developing a logo that represented this community spirit, and then creating a website in the same manner. The website is built on WordPress using a left anchored header to create a modern feel. I …